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ON Vacation, but still Online

2009-08-06 18:38:25 by aagme

I've been in the Embassy Suites in Herdnon, Virginia since Sunday, and even though I'm on vacation, I can still find time to be online.

I have to pay for the internet, which, despite being Comcast, is slower than DSL because it's all shared. I waited 10 mins for a game to load today.

There's complimentary breakfast and "Happy Hour" when you can drink some booze and snack on some stuff.

The indoor pool is really small, and they use so much chlorine that you can't see your feet when you stand in it. The whirlpool is nice though, I just wish it would make more bubbles.

They have a gym as well, but I haven't used it.

The great thing about this place is that you can drive to DC instead of taking the crowded and sometimes stanky metro.

The manager's really nice and he'll compensate you for anything that goes wrong.


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